Get Aroma oil massage in Delhi and Know aromatherapy massage benefits

Aroma oil massage is a therapy which uses scented essential oils. The massage includes alternating between soft and hard pressure along with specific mix of essential oils. The essential oils are diluted with a lotion for this massage. So, not only your body gets the advantages of essential oils, but also avails massage advantages too. Many spa center in delhi offering aroma oil massage in delhi at best rates.

Aroma oil Massage in delhi

Know all about aroma oil massage and its benefits

Aroma oil massage provides you with a complete body massage along with emotional healing as well as complete relaxation. Here are a few general advantages of this massage:

  1. Reduction of stress
  2. Relieves anxiety
  3. Enhances relaxation and calmness
  4. Lowers muscle tension
  5. Relieves your pain
  6. Lowers symptoms of depression
  7. Eases pain related to different conditions such as chronic lower back pain, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, PMS etc.

So, there is plethora of pros of aroma oil massage. There are several essential oils which correlate with each other to render different healing. So, it is important that you communicate with your therapist to know which oil will serve your purpose best. If you have trouble in sleeping or want to relax, then lavender is good for you. If you suffer from emotional distress, then rosemary is suggested for you. Here are some aroma oils suggested for different massages.

Toning of muscles

A lot of people need help in toning their muscles. Essential oils such as Balsam Fir will help you in it. On the contrary aroma oil massage with lemongrass helps in lowering inflammation and toning muscles.

Relieves joint pain

Strain and pain in joint may resist you from indulging into any physical activity. At this time, aroma oil therapy with wintergreen can ease tension of your joints. Chamomile as well as Spruce helps in lowering the pain and inflammation.

Connective tissue

connects your body parts. Often people face problem with their connective tissue leading to chronic pain. Thus, it is important to treat it. Lemongrass is used specially to function on ligaments. Even aroma oil massage with chamomile has shown improvement in connective tissue problems.

Aroma oil therapy is just like any other therapy. All you need to do is schedule an appointment with your therapist and discuss your problem. They will let you know the kind of condition you are facing and which oil they will be using. If a client requests for healing his joints, muscle or nerve pain, then go for a relaxing, uplifting and energizing massage.

Why aroma oil massage?

Aroma oil massage has some precautions linked. The major think to take care of when dealing with essential oils is to make sure that you aren’t allergic to any. Don’t inhale any of scents directly or also don’t apply any of the essential oils directly, unless they are diluted with any lotion or carrier oils. Aroma oil therapy is a holistic approach of curing without any drugs. If someone has wants to go for it, then they should invest some time in learning about essential oils prior to diving in.

Aroma oil Massage in delhi

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