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An Aroma massage therapy is a part of Swedish massage with impregnated with perfume from flowers and other plants parts, essential oils offer a delightful perfume lavender, and Rose for instance are known relaxation even though oils may be selected to identify specific need, mainly therapist typically use these for relax. before you taking an aroma massage you have to make sure, you are not an Allergic to ant plant used in oils, they are cause of reaction on skin. 1. Affects the nervous system 2. Aroma massage also change heart rate, breathing and digestive system 3. Aroma massage also helps you to reduce stress level. Benefits of Aroma massage therapy: 4. Aroma massage therapy purify the blood, it is also increase digestion, warm cool the body. 5. Aroma massage Sensualmassageworld is the best Body Massage Parlour in Delhi

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